Why are we still fighting wars

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3 min readMay 22, 2022


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Wars ordinarily take place because of political and/or economic motives. It reasons the death of tens of millions of harmless human beings, which includes kids.

In a democracy, leaders are selected by way of human beings as they have the right to vote. Because of this reality, the human beings of the democracy constitute their united states even when the state is engaged in a battle. The obligation for the innocent deaths taken by means of battle is then shared by way of the human beings

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Poverty and political, social, and financial inequalities between organizations predispose to battle; guidelines to tackle them will reduce this chance 8 out of 10 of the sector’s poorest international locations are suffering, or have currently suffered, from massive scale violent conflict. Wars in growing nations have heavy human, monetary, and social fees and are the main purpose of poverty and political reasons which include oil. Most contemporary conflicts, inclusive of in Sudan or the Congo, are inside states, despite the fact that there is frequently massive outdoor intervention, as in Afghanistan. In the beyond 30 years Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria have been especially badly suffering from the struggle. It took away homes, took aside families, and the end result of thousands and thousands of innocent people’s lives.

Why are wars fought nowadays?

More specifically, some have argued that wars are fought broadly speaking for monetary, spiritual, and political reasons. Others have claimed that maximum wars today are fought for ideological motives.

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Some of the just conflict theories had been followed as components of global agreements and incorporated into the law of conflict (i.E., international regulation) that regulates the resort to armed force, the behavior of hostilities, and the…




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