What animal or insect do you wish humans could eradicate?

4 min readApr 30, 2022

What makes mosquitoes special as a destructive enemy to mankind?

The mosquito is an almost all inclusive creature. We have 110 trillion across practically the entirety of the planet, and we’ve had them for north of 100 million years. So the mosquito is worldwide, while different bugs have their biological specialties to a great extent all over the planet.

Interestingly, the mosquito sends or vectors undeniably a larger number of infections than different bugs. So for instance, you have the professional killer, or kissing bug [a tropical bloodsucking bug that communicates parasites like the one that causes Chagas disease], yet that is only one, while mosquitoes have parasites like jungle fever and various infections and worms. So there’s such a huge number of infections that various types of the mosquito communicate contrasted with different bugs.

How have mosquitoes been so versatile?

Like some other creature, including ourselves, it’s a course of regular choice and endurance. So the mosquito has adjusted to endure worldwide showers of DDT, for instance, starting after the Second World War. Furthermore, when Rachel Carson keeps in touch with her original book Silent Spring in 1962, there are now five mosquitoes that are safe to DDT.

Mosquitoes need to live and reproduce and proceed with their species, so they adjust to do that — very much like we have in our safeguards against jungle fever; for instance, sickle cell sickliness is an illustration of us overcoming the danger of mosquito-borne infections through regular determination.

How have mosquitoes been utilized in military tasks?

The Nazis intentionally re-overwhelmed the Pontine Marshes around Rome and Naples as a planned organic weapon to once again introduce jungle fever’s mosquitoes into that piece of Italy during WWII. It was stunning to hear that — one, that they thought about that and did that, and afterward second, my significant other’s granddad…


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