This is why life is important

Because you will run out of time one day, life is really vital.

2 min readJun 5, 2022

The goal of life is to become the best version of yourself. What evidence do I have that this is the goal? Because only you can accomplish it, and the amount of skilled effort you put into it determines whether you win or lose. Life is a combination of skill, effort, and time.

Develop all of your abilities. Make an effort, perhaps more than you feel comfortable with. And keep in mind that few people realize how much time they have, and those who do have very little time lift.

The meaning of life is seeking to recognize and realize your life’s mission. To work on our own development in order to comprehend more of this and achieve what we can in this lifetime, and to strive to recognize the origins and ultimate goals of your existence.

It is up to each person to recognize and investigate that question and purpose, as well as focus on their own personal growth.

However, there are two separate and essential approaches to answering the question of life’s meaning and purpose:

What was the reason for the creation of humans in general?
For each individual human being, what is the purpose and meaning of their life? What should each of us achieve or try to achieve?




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