Things to complete before getting married

2 min readMay 24
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Ensure you have open and honest conversations with your partner about your expectations, goals, values, and any concerns you may have.

Relationship milestones

Spend enough time together as a couple to go through important relationship milestones, such as living together, traveling together, meeting each other’s families, and experiencing challenging situations as a team.

Financial planning

Discuss and establish a financial plan together, including budgeting, savings, and any shared financial goals. Consider addressing matters such as debt, individual spending habits, and how you will handle joint finances.

Legal considerations

Understand the legal implications of marriage, such as property ownership, wills, and potential prenuptial agreements. Consult a lawyer if necessary.

Emotional readiness

Reflect on your emotional readiness for marriage. Evaluate your commitment, readiness for compromise, ability to handle conflicts, and willingness to support and grow with your partner.


Take time for self-reflection and personal growth. Explore your own values, interests, and aspirations, as this will contribute to your overall happiness and fulfillment within the marriage.

Family planning

Discuss your thoughts and plans regarding children, including how many you want, when to have them, and your parenting philosophies.

Health and well-being

Prioritize your physical and mental health. Attend to any unresolved health issues and develop healthy habits that will support you and your partner in the long term.

Support network

Cultivate a strong support network of friends and family who will be there for you throughout your marriage. Invest in your relationships and build a community of people you trust and can rely on.

Wedding planning

While not directly related to the marriage itself, if you choose to have a wedding ceremony, allow sufficient time for planning and preparation to ensure a smooth and memorable event.


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