Help us refresh the messaging on our iced tea packaging

Why You Should Start Drinking More Of This Fantastic, Healthy Beverage

2 min readMay 28, 2022


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Which new claim for the iced tea packaging do you like the most?

Real brewed tea

How frequently do you drink iced tea?

Sometimes (a few times a month)

Why is the new claim option that you picked your favorite?

Read Brewed Tea

Do you like this claim more than our original “home brewed taste” claim? Why/why not?

We like the claim “Real brewed tea is more flavorful” because it’s actually true! Real brewed tea often has a stronger flavor that you can’t find in pre-packaged tea bags. Home brewed taste claim is based on the fact that real brewed tea has more flavor than other brands of tea. We like the fact that Real Brewed Tea has focused on creating a better tasting tea that retains the true essence of tea. We believe that this is the key to achieving long-term success with any product. We like the claim that tea is brewed more like a traditional cup of tea because it is true! Tea is steeped for three minutes longer than the original “home brewed taste” tea to ensure a more intense and flavorful cup. Real brewed tea is made with loose tea leaves and hot water. This process allows the tea to absorb all the flavor and essential oils from the leaves. This enhances the flavor of the tea and makes it more refreshing. Real brewed tea is made with the finest quality tea leaves and water. It is steeped for the right amount of time to extract all the flavor and nutrients from the tea leaves. The water used to make real brewed tea is also purified using natural methods. Real brewed tea has more flavor and aroma than the instant tea. Instant tea is usually bland and has a weak taste. The brewed tea leaves are steeped in hot water for a certain duration, which gives it a rich and full flavor

If you had to propose a new claim for the iced tea packaging label beyond the three options we’ve presented, what would it be?

Authentic iced brewed tea




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