Great Instagram Tips for Increasing Organic Reach

With these simple, actionable methods, you can learn how to improve Instagram reach organically, overcome the algorithms, and gain eyeballs.

3 min readJul 25, 2022


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Shake it up.

Examine your content from a distance. Depending on your sector and target demographic, you should have a solid balance of photographs and videos to influence the algorithm in your favor. Videos increase engagement while also keeping users on one place, which is the channel’s purpose. If you’re emphasizing the human side of your business, use photographs of people gazing forward and good eye contact to demonstrate sincerity.

Use UGC to establish trust and a following.

We know that people trust other people. Customer content that speaks favorably about your brand develops trust and may even inspire others to share their own tales.

Make use of Instagram Stories.

Contribute in this attention-grabbing style in a creative or humorous manner, and you might be on to a winner. Stories allows you to broaden your reach by tagging other accounts and tapping into their networks. In your Story, you may also utilize hashtags to assist people to locate and link with your user. Over than 70% of Viewers follows at least one brand; be sure your work is worthy of being followed!

Encourage participation right away.

Respond to engagement as soon as possible to show your audiences that their opinions are encouraged and valued. Instead of simply liking a comment, reach more people, follow them, and praise the others for their time.

Align and reciprocate your appreciation.

Conduct some research to uncover accounts that are similar to your own, or seek industry influencers. Then, if you enjoy their stuff, start a conversation. Remember that they followers will notice your remarks and can return to your account. Make genuine remarks. If applicable, use emojis.

Take advice from your top achievers.




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