Life is ?

Design by Voiceofshark Studio

I had been living a lie my entire life.
My childhood appears to have passed me by.

When my father left, I didn’t have anywhere to weep.
I needed to be strong so that my spirit didn’t die.

Now I’ve grow up too quickly, striving to prolong this existence.
I try…



Are you tired?

Design from voiceofhsark.com

I’m sick of hearing the noise of my tears,
Tired of always fighting my concerns, of grappling with obstacles that keep reappearing.
I’m sick of squandering my days in sadness.

Tired of phrases like sharp swords piercing my heart,
Tired of living an existence that is all black and white.
I’m sick…



Tick tock

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

Tick tock…tock tock…tock tock…
Life is ticking away on your internal timer.
Memories that appear to have happened yesterday dissolve into glimpses of times that seem to drift away.

People you used to know pass by unnoticed.
The memories you once enjoyed are as if you never existed.

Years pass…