7 lazy ways to earn money

1 min readJan 16, 2023
Hanthane mountain in Sri Lanka


Medium is one of the easy and lazy ways to earn some money. It’s. A small amount in the beginning and later you can make big.

2. Youtube

Have you ever heard of Mr.Beast on youtube? He is very successful in his work.

3. Mindsumo

Mindsumo is a place you get paid for your ideas. All you need to do is answer the questions.

4. Partnerstack

This is an affiliate and referral program for software. All you need to do is simply market with you link.

5. Booking.com affiliate

If you are a travel blogger you can write articles marketing hotels around the world. You get paid for commission someone buy.

6. Fiveer affiliate

Fiver is the place to get things done online. All you need to do is market their work.

7. IQ option affiliate

This is a place to trade and earn money. But you do not have to trade. Just market the platform and anyone who trade real money and earns profit you get paid.




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